What is the Couch service?

Couch is an online platform that aims to solve problems of access to mental health professionals for geographic, economic and social reasons. We aim to help people in need of psychological counseling to face the challenges of everyday life in a convenient, discreet and economical way. Thus, Couch makes psychological counseling available when it is most convenient for you, anywhere through a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Is Couch the right service for me?

Couch may be right for you if you need to improve your quality of life. Whenever there is something that interferes with your happiness or prevents you from achieving your goals, and you need a professional to listen and advise you, we We can help. We also have professionals specializing in specific areas such as stress, anxiety, relationships, depression, anxiety and more. For a detailed description you can consult the profiles of the professionals who work with us

Couch is not the solution for you if you are in one of these cases:

• If you think repeatedly about hurting yourself or others.
• If you are in crisis or in an emergency, if this is the case you can find help here (link to emergency contacts.
• If you have been diagnosed with a chronic mental illness, or if you have been referred for psychiatric treatment or supervision.
• If you are ordered to have therapy or psychological counseling by a court order or any other authority.

How do I find a psychologist and use your service?

1. Click Create Account
2. Look for a psychologist or available time
3. Schedule your session
4. Make payment by credit card
5. Enjoy the session with your psychologist
Are the services only provided in Portugal?
Our services can be used by all Portuguese or Portuguese speaking people, resident or not in Portugal and over 18 years of age.

How are psychologists selected?

The selection involves an interview with our Advisory Board and Clinical Directorate, as well as a complete review of the psychologist's curriculum: clinical experience, academic course, and registration in the Psychologists' Order.

Do I need wi-fi to use the service?

We recommend that you connect to a wifi network with a good signal to make the most of our service. A 4G connection also works. If you have connection problems while connected to a psychologist, remove the video option and you will notice an improvement in the call.

Redial policy

Ideally, reschedule your session as soon as possible. Our redial policy works as follows:
• More than 12 hours in advance of session time - no fee is charged;
• Redemption less than 12 hours - 50% of the session fee is charged;
• Non-attendance of the client - the full amount of the session is charged;
If the psychologist has to rebook for some reason, the same reasoning applies:
• Notice more than 12 hours before the session time - no fee is charged;
• A notice of less than 12 hrs - a discount of 50% of the session fee is offered;
• Did not advise the client and did not attend - a discount of the full amount of the session is offered;

In any case, if you consider that the reasons that led you to not be present at the session were of major cause, please write us to info@couch.pt

Can Couch replace face-to-face psychological counseling?

The professionals working on our platform are accredited by the Order of Psychologists to provide psychological counseling and therapy. However, although the service presents equal benefits, it may not replace the traditional follow-up in all cases. Our professionals have complete independence to evaluate and suggest the route that they consider to be in the best interest of the client.

How are psychologists chosen?

Careful selection through our Advisory Board following the European guidelines and the Portuguese Psychological Association.

How does video conferencing work?

Before your video-consultation you will receive an email notifying that it will start on time. Just log in with your data, click on the upper right corner and the menu load in My Sessions, there you will have a list of your markings, and a button that says Start. The video window should open and you are ready to start your session.

Can I use the service via Smartphone or Tablet?

At the moment our service works on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on the following devices: Smartphone, Tablet, Computer / laptop.

Does Couch record the information exchanged during the sessions?

Couch does not keep any records of the information exchanged in online psychological services. We guarantee your privacy.

How long is the Couch service?

This depends on each person and the situations to which he is subject. It's your decision.

How many sessions can I have with my psychologist?

The duration of treatment is dependent on the clinical evaluation of the mental health professional and is dependent on the availability and interaction between the client and the mental health professional.

How is my privacy protected? Is the service confidential?

The confidentiality of the information is maintained and the psychologist must, in any context of performance, comply with and respect the professional code of ethics, maintaining the confidentiality of the data and matters entrusted to him in the attendance, failing to commit a serious violation by violating the code Ethics of psychologists. The preservation of the client's identity, as well as the unrestricted confidentiality of the information obtained by the psychologist during the service, are obligations and duties of every psychology professional, regardless of the environment where the service happens, applying the norms to the online attendance.
It is important to note that, although Couch ensures the confidentiality of all information transported within the site, we warn that the exchange of information made through the internet is not considered totally safe where there are risks involved. Psychologists protect the patient's information, following the Code of Professional Ethics, however, patients should take care of the technological equipment that must be monitored by the client.

If I'm displeased with my psychologist?

If you are unhappy with your psychologist, please contact our team (info@couch.pt).

What happens if I get past session time?

Do not worry, the time of the session is controlled by the psychologist.

Do I have access to my schedules?

Yes, in your profile you can view the details of all the sessions already held as well as information about future sessions.

What types of payments do you accept?

At this moment we accept VISA and MasterCard credit cards.

What do I do if I do not have a credit card?

Do not worry, our Customer Support team can help with these types of situations Please send an email to info@couch.pt

Is my credit card information secure?

Couch.pt does not keep any type of data related to your credit card and the payments inside the site are carried out safely by SIBS.