Meet our Team

‘There is only one enduring happiness in life—to live for others.’ Lev Tolstoi


My name is João, I am a Medical Doctor, focused on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Hospitality in health care. My favorite book is Milan kundera's ‘Unbearable Lightness of Being' and my favorite movie is 'La Grande Belleza' by Paolo Sorrentino.


My name is Nuno Ribeiro. I am a physical training engineer because I believe in science as a method for unlocking the secrets of nature. I am fascinated by technology I like to think of new ways to use technological advances to solve problems and take information to more people. Along with my entrepreneurial vein, this was the reason for me to evolve with Couch. My passion is traveling. It is through my travels that I discover the world and more about myself. Nuno Ribeiro is a physical engineer and holds an MBA degree


From the Founders:

Ricardo was a successful consultant with a wife and 2 children. At some point in his life he lost his pleasure in his work that he used to loved, he lost pleasure in playing tennis with his family, he was not as cheerful as he used to be, he was always tired, he slept and ate badly and He didn’t understand what was happening with him.

Until his wife told him that he should seek help, but he felt ashamed and said he didn’t have time.
This story, similar to so many others, has motivated us to create a way that allows these people who can not access a consultation in their working hours to do so, in the times they have available.
We all know someone who has had a depression or who has suffered from anxiety.
We all know someone who felt embarrassed, stigmatized, or reluctant to turn to a psychologist.
If we have a fever we go to the doctor and when it comes to our brain and our mental health we should not act differently.
We can not neglect our happiness and well-being.
Couch helps people prevent and deal with depression and anxiety by addressing access difficulties to mental health professionals by providing video conferencing consultations in a simple, comfortable, and cost-effective way.

When faced with the stigma and shame that exists on the part of the people when resorting to mental health care and at the same time with the epidemic of mental illness that exists in Portugal, which is the 2nd country in the world and the 1st in Europe With the highest prevalence of mental illness, only surpassed by the United States of America; we decided to take action and do something that could have an assertive, notorious and quantifiable impact in this calamity.

Did you know that 1 in 4 people you know will experience a period of depression or anxiety throughout your life?
There’s No reason to be ashamed! We are all Humans!

Our sense of accomplishment knowing that we are going to be able to have a very important impact on the lives of many people and being mental health something that genuinely falls in love fills us and motivates us to achieve more.