Terms and Conditions

This agreement is entered into between the User of this Website and MedCouch, LDA., In the form of www.couch.pt, the owner of this Website. The User agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions from the first use of the Website. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, you must immediately stop using the Website. No part of this Website constitutes a contractual offer, which may be accepted. The request for appointment/session scheduling by the User constitutes a contractual offer and MedCouch, LDA. Accepts this offer when an email is sent to the User, indicating that your query/session has been accepted. The interpretation of these Terms and Conditions is exclusive of MedCouch, LDA., Which reserves the right to modify them at any time. Please read carefully and carefully these provisions, as well as the Privacy Policy, before using the Service.

1. General

1.1.1 MedCouch, LDA., In the form of www.couch.pt, undertakes to offer the User the opportunity to conduct an online consultation/ session, through any of the channels offered by the platform, or in person at a location to combine between the User-User and the Professional.

1.1.2 The consultation/session and its follow-up are subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the professionals concerned, namely the Informed Consent sent to the User before the second session/consultation.

2. User Warranties

2.1 In order to register and use the services of this Website, you guarantee that you are over 18 years of age. For minors, parents or legal representatives should be aware of the use of these services.

2.2 You agree to provide accurate and truthful information by registering and using this Website in accordance with all terms of use. In addition, the User agrees to keep your login information safe and to contact us immediately if you suspect them of misuse.

2.3 The User warrants and undertakes to fill out the data requested on the Website in a truthful and honest manner, providing all relevant information truthfully and in the best way possible.

2.5 By agreeing to the terms included in this document, you agree that you may be contacted by MedCouch, LDA. Or representative, if necessary, even if you have not specifically requested it.

2.6 The User agrees that the purpose of this service is to support and not replace the relationship between the User and the respective professionals who provide services in MedCouch, LDA.

2.7 The validity of this Agreement is immediately void if you falsely answer any question or provide incorrect data.

3. Disclaimers of responsibility

3.1 We do not represent or make any warranty regarding the accuracy, reliability or continuous supply of any of the information included on this Website. The services and information included in this Website are intended for information and general use and not for dealing with your specific requirements.

3.2 All services/products sold on the website www.couch.pt comply with Portuguese legislation. A MedCouch, LDA. Declines any responsibility in case of violation of the legislation of the Country where the User-User enjoys the service. Thus, it is the responsibility of the User to verify with the local authorities the conditions of use of the services that he wishes to be provided.

3.3 We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, but without any obligation, to make changes or improvements, or to withdraw or correct any error or omission in any part of the material, or suspend or terminate the Website, without prior notice, for which we advise Your regular consultation.

3.4 Access to the Website does not imply for MedCouch, LDA. the obligation to monitor the absence of viruses or any other harmful information technology. It is the User's responsibility to have adequate tools available to detect and eliminate harmful software.

3.5 The MedCouch, LDA. is not responsible for the damages produced in the computer equipment of the Users or of third parties during navigation on the Website.

3.6 Our services and materials on this Website are provided by us "as is" and expressly waive any and all warranties (as set forth in clause 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5 above), express or implied, to the extent permitted Applicable legislation.

3.7 To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, we exclude any liability for claims, losses, claims or damages of any kind with respect to our services, information and materials provided by us, including, without limitation, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages or losses. Consequences. This applies whether such claims, losses or damages derive from offenses, contractual rights, negligence, legal or other rights.

3.8 Your visit and use of this Website and any liability conflict are subject to these disclaimers and to the laws of Portugal.

4. Intellectual property

4.1 All material included and displayed on this Website, such as texts and images, is protected by our copyright, trademark or similar, or by copyright, trademark or other similar rights of third parties, except in Where this is expressly indicated.

4.2 We reserve all rights and strictly prohibit any unauthorized use or duplication of any content subject to intellectual property rights contained on this Website. Any print or transfer rights with legal authorization are limited to Your personal use. However, the use of any material for any commercial purpose is not permitted.

4.3 Any copies of the pages of this Website that you save, regardless of the medium, may only be used for later viewing or for printing extracts for personal use.

4.4 Except as expressly permitted in writing, it is not permitted to create a database, in any form, from these web pages.

4.5 In addition, the User is prohibited from:

4.5.1 Copy, reproduce, save (in any medium or format), distribute, transmit, modify or create derivative works of the whole or part of this Website or of the materials or software that are part of this Website or that are supplied through it without Our prior written authorization (which may or may not be granted in our sole discretion).

4.5.2 Use this Website, materials or software for any purpose that is unlawful or in contravention of any applicable law, or to achieve any purpose or in any way that may create a false or misleading impression.

4.5.3 Upload or transmit any defamatory, offensive or obscene material, or any device, software, file or mechanism that may interfere with the functioning of this Website or the systems that operate on it.

4.5.4 Establish any links to this Website without our prior written consent.

4.5.5 Allow or encourage others to violate any of the restrictions described above.

We reserve the right to institute proceedings in respect of any breach of the above-described restrictions against the User or any third party, including, without limitation, damages or losses that may have been incurred as a result of such breach.
We reserve the right to institute proceedings in respect of any breach of the above-described restrictions against the User or any third party, including, without limitation, damages or losses that may have been incurred as a result of such breach.

5. Making Query / Session Markings

In order to make appointments of appointments / sessions through the www.couch.pt site, it is necessary to create an account available online at www.couch.pt/register, or associated with the desired Professional, indicating the First and Last names, the Email, the contact phone number, the desired time and the reason for the consultation / session.
It is possible to request a re-appointment of the consultation/session until 24 hours before the date agreed for it. Any requested redial request after that period implies the non-refund of the amount paid for the consultation/session.

Until the consultation/session takes place and if any of the data is not correct, you can ask for it to be changed immediately.

In order to assist both the User-User and the Professional, Couch.pt, LDA. Has a system of notifications and confirmations that remind the participants of the date and time of the consultation/session, not being responsible, however, for the presence of both on the day and time set.

The validation of the request for marking implies that the Customer has expressly acknowledged and accepted these Terms and Conditions of Use and Contracting, available for consultation at www.couch.pt. Data recorded by MedCouch, LDA. Constitute proof of all types of transactions between MedCouch, LDA. And the Customer. It is the responsibility of MedCouch, LDA. To file the electronic document in which the contract is formalized and to keep it accessible.

6. Payments

Payments made by Users for the contracted services will be made through the means made available, at any time, for that purpose, included on the Website.
Payment is made in advance and must be made up to 48 hours before the consultation/session. It is only with the payment and receipt of the same that the consultation/session is definitively confirmed.

A MedCouch, LDA. is concerned to ensure that the means available are appropriate and safe for the User.

7. Cancellations

7.1 The User-Customer has the right to terminate the contract at any time and without the need of justification, within a period of 14 days counted from the conclusion of the contract.

7.2 Within 14 days of the date MedCouch, LDA. is informed of the decision to terminate the contract, it shall reimburse the Client of all payments received in respect of consultations/sessions not yet rendered.

7.3. Failure to pay for the service requested up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled date for delivery implies the automatic cancellation of that booking.

7.4 MedCouch, LDA. Reserves the right to unilaterally cancel the marking whenever there is a programming error, a malfunction of the WCO, LDA computers. And if the contractual offer is deformed to its destination and the error is related to an essential element of the contract.

8. Applicable Legislation

All purchases/appointments made on www.couch.pt are subject to Portuguese legislation. Any conflict or divergence of interpretation of these General Terms and Conditions of Use and Contracting shall be submitted to the competent Portuguese Court, without prejudice to those established by mandatory rules of international and Community law.

These Terms and Conditions of Use and Contracting were updated on January 23, 2017.